Guncraft Is in the Wild. Powered by Eazfuscator.NET

Andy Dunn, a lead programmer from Exato Game Studios, contacted us in July 2012 and asked whether Eazfuscator.NET was the right choice for games.

It was a good question. Not only because the answer was Yes.

There is a lot of .NET obfuscators around. I tested almost all of them. I personally keep a close watch on every piece of software that claims to be a .NET obfuscator.

My thoughts about others? Well, most of them are not the right choice for games. But why? Two main reasons here:
Eazfuscator.NET is different. Not only it generates fast, reliable and portable code but it does further optimizations on it. That's why it is so well suited for games where every CPU cycle counts.
I may sound old fashioned. "Hey look, he counts CPU cycles!".  But at the end, everybody loves fast software, right?

That is what I call a little detail that makes a big difference. Surely it is not evident to everybody. But everybody loves it at the end, without even noticing it.

I have a habit to find the details in every product I see. Guncraft (a game from Exato Game Studios powered by Eazfuscator.NET) is not an exception:

My first thought: "It is a Minecraft clone!". I must admit that I was pessimistic about it. A game that looks like a clone - that's insane.

I understood that I was wrong after hour or two of playing.

Do you remember "a little detail that makes a big difference"? Let's try to find out what's going on here.

A beautiful light makes you want to stop just to stare at the scene:

Destructive environment and thought-out maps made for shooting, chase and camping:

Building your own maps is a breeze thanks to construction mode:

The gameplay is characterized by one word: fun! Guncraft was greenlit on Steam and officially published there on August 9, 2013.

I hope this story gives you a bit of inspiration. If you are a game developer or just need a hardcore performance then you can rely on Eazfuscator.NET. It was built with performance in mind.