Eazfuscator.NET Meets Twitter

It took me a long time to understand whether Twitter is useful. I'm not that old fashioned, but just look at this:
Twitter looks like a junk yard at first sight.

I shared my opinion with my friend and surprisingly his answer was: "You are right. There is a lot of noise on Twitter but that does not matter. The only thing that really matters is who you follow."

That was a key phrase for me. I hope it may be helpful for some of you too.

Actually Twitter is a perfect platform for news. You can broadcast, receive and interact. That's cool. The only problem of Twitter is noise. Luckily, it gets easily managed by carefully selecting the persons you follow. I just missed that one little pixel from the whole picture.

That's why we decided to use Twitter as a news channel for Eazfuscator.NET: https://twitter.com/eazfuscator

I personally promise to deliver quality content only, noise not allowed, just rare tweets about releases and sometimes headlines about new obfuscation technologies and blog articles. Some insight knowledges may be published too.

P.S.: Maybe you know some insights about Twitter that I still miss? I would appreciate your suggestions.